Angel Wing

Last summer on the shore of Rockford Bay in Lake Coeur d’ Laine, I found a rock shaped like an angel wing. I immediately thought of my mom who is always in my heart. The lake holds special meaning for me as I spent many a summer day on its shores in the good company of family and friends. When I was young my mom took my brothers, sister and I along with the two dogs and any other assortment of pets to my uncle’s house on the lake. It was a summer destination and I looked forward to it every year. Now as an adult I have the pleasure of visiting the lake each summer with my husband and get to spend time with my sister, her family and their, now ours too, friends. My brother in law's mother has a cabin right on the lake and it is a very special place.

I wanted to share the wing and it's meaning with my family so I had it cast into a sterling silver charm. My hope is that the wing will represent something special to each person in his or her own way.