My how time flies

How is it November 13th already? Wasn’t it just summer? My dahlias are still hanging on but it's time to clean out the garden beds and prep them for next year. Sigh.

I heard a program on NPR explaining why it seems like time goes faster the older we get. It’s because the more years we’ve circled the sun the more familiar we are with what happens in our lives. When we are young everything is new and we experience things for the first or second time. It is a time of discovery and seems to last forever, like summer when I was 10. The older we get the more the experience is the same over and over. We get to know it quite well and go through the motions as if a daily routine. It’s why the ride home goes faster than the ride getting there. We already know what we are going to see, just in reverse. Thinking about this reminds me to stop and watch the clouds form shapes in the sky.

What is the coolest cloud shape you've seen?