Inspiration In The Garden

I am constantly amazed at the colors and shapes of the flowers growing in my garden. Yes, I put them there so I had a little to do with the way they grow but there is so much left to the uniqueness of each bud, petal, stem and leaf. I could spend hours just sitting and observing. Nature is amazing! What bit of nature do you find fascinating?



Got Dragons?

The inspiration behind the House Holloway Collection

When I was a little girl I loved to play with my Fischer-Price® castle. My favorite piece was the pink dragon. You know the one. As a child and now as an adult I am allured by the magical, mythical world that existed long ago. The world in which dragons roamed earth and sky, where knights fought for their kings and castle lands stretched out forever. It was not a surprise that I was immediately hooked on the HBO® series Game Of Thrones®.

When I was in Tucson, AZ this February I found a stone that made me immediately think of the highly detailed, scaly, rough, and colorful hide that a dragon might have. A light went off in my head. I would create a collection of jewelry around this stone and bring to life the world of fantasy and myth.

I'm excited to announce House Holloway! - a brand new collection now available from Jill Griffin Jewelry.  Each piece represents a different female or male persona with the strength and determination to thrive in a time from long ago. Designing and developing this collection brought out a different part of my creative side that goes beyond my usual course in design. It has been a very rewarding experience and I am thrilled to share it with you!

What is your favorite fantasy or mythological character?

Tucson Gem Show 2016


The Tucson Gem and Mineral show did not disappoint! I had a great time digging through mounds of pearls and gems and although the weather was unseasonably cold I was able to soak up a little bit of sunshine. Some of my favorites include this electroplated quartz which inspired the collection, House Holloway. Other notables were quartz crystal in a variety of shapes and sizes and fresh water pearls - fat, yummy round pearls in a variety of colors!

Angel Wing

Last summer on the shore of Rockford Bay in Lake Coeur d’ Laine, I found a rock shaped like an angel wing. I immediately thought of my mom who is always in my heart. The lake holds special meaning for me as I spent many a summer day on its shores in the good company of family and friends. When I was young my mom took my brothers, sister and I along with the two dogs and any other assortment of pets to my uncle’s house on the lake. It was a summer destination and I looked forward to it every year. Now as an adult I have the pleasure of visiting the lake each summer with my husband and get to spend time with my sister, her family and their, now ours too, friends. My brother in law's mother has a cabin right on the lake and it is a very special place.

I wanted to share the wing and it's meaning with my family so I had it cast into a sterling silver charm. My hope is that the wing will represent something special to each person in his or her own way.

Collecting vintage jewelry

I like collecting older pieces of jewelry like Avon, Napier and Cartier. I find them at thrift shops and yard sales. Pieces that catch my eye and seem to tell a story. I have yet to discover a "Tiffany" piece but I know it's out there waiting for me to discover it. These pieces are representations of the past and a different way of life. Who was the woman wearing the necklace? Was she going to a holiday party or just having friends to the house for a cocktail and social hour? A lot of vintage pieces aren't made of precious metals or hold precious gemstones but they have a quality and a richness not found in jewelry today.

What is the most exciting treasure you've found thrifting or at a yard sale?