Feeling Blessed

I feel so blessed to be able to practice yoga. Even if it is only once a week and occasionally in the backyard. It feels so good to breathe deep - in and out - feeling the air way down in my belly. The stretch in my joints and the deep, sweet strain in my muscles. If you can move and breathe consciously for even 5 minutes a day it will brighten the remaining 1,435! Even when you are sleeping. Trust me.

Inspiration In The Garden

I am constantly amazed at the colors and shapes of the flowers growing in my garden. Yes, I put them there so I had a little to do with the way they grow but there is so much left to the uniqueness of each bud, petal, stem and leaf. I could spend hours just sitting and observing. Nature is amazing! What bit of nature do you find fascinating?



Tucson Gem Show 2016


The Tucson Gem and Mineral show did not disappoint! I had a great time digging through mounds of pearls and gems and although the weather was unseasonably cold I was able to soak up a little bit of sunshine. Some of my favorites include this electroplated quartz which inspired the collection, House Holloway. Other notables were quartz crystal in a variety of shapes and sizes and fresh water pearls - fat, yummy round pearls in a variety of colors!

Angel Wing

Last summer on the shore of Rockford Bay in Lake Coeur d’ Laine, I found a rock shaped like an angel wing. I immediately thought of my mom who is always in my heart. The lake holds special meaning for me as I spent many a summer day on its shores in the good company of family and friends. When I was young my mom took my brothers, sister and I along with the two dogs and any other assortment of pets to my uncle’s house on the lake. It was a summer destination and I looked forward to it every year. Now as an adult I have the pleasure of visiting the lake each summer with my husband and get to spend time with my sister, her family and their, now ours too, friends. My brother in law's mother has a cabin right on the lake and it is a very special place.

I wanted to share the wing and it's meaning with my family so I had it cast into a sterling silver charm. My hope is that the wing will represent something special to each person in his or her own way.

My how time flies

How is it November 13th already? Wasn’t it just summer? My dahlias are still hanging on but it's time to clean out the garden beds and prep them for next year. Sigh.

I heard a program on NPR explaining why it seems like time goes faster the older we get. It’s because the more years we’ve circled the sun the more familiar we are with what happens in our lives. When we are young everything is new and we experience things for the first or second time. It is a time of discovery and seems to last forever, like summer when I was 10. The older we get the more the experience is the same over and over. We get to know it quite well and go through the motions as if a daily routine. It’s why the ride home goes faster than the ride getting there. We already know what we are going to see, just in reverse. Thinking about this reminds me to stop and watch the clouds form shapes in the sky.

What is the coolest cloud shape you've seen?